New to 3D printing or maybe your 3D printer is not printing right? Well we are here to help with that. Denver 3D Printing offers many services and repairing is one of many. We also can help you get your new printer up and running, dial in the setting, and get you going in the right direction to nip the learning curve in the butt.

Beginners Basic service at your house starts at $100. This includes 1 hour of training,  1 on 1 with one of Denver’s top 3d printers going over your setting in the slicer and getting your printer just right. In most cases 1 hour is enough time but we will let you know if we think it will take longer up front. If 1 hour is not enough time we charge just $20.00 an hour.

Although we are not Factory repair we have worked on many brands of 3d printers such as Lulzbot, Ultimaker, Hictop, Prusa, Maker Select, Airwolf 3D, Cel Robox, TEVO, Wanho, and many many more. We can repair your 3D printer and get you back running in no time. We charge $20.00 an hour repair time not test printing  time. We do prefer the printers come to us so we can spend the printing time working on other printers but if you would like we can come to you and the service charge is $43.00. Labor time starts when we get to the 3D printer.

Want to fix it yourself? We sell parts and have some great help on our FaceBook Group here 3D printing Colorado

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