Air intake 2.0 stock to 107mm TB. Refined air path. Testing to begin Wednesday at the track. I do not claim any power gains... my dyno guy will tell otherwise... What I do claim is better looking, weight loss and more SC sound.


I put a breather filter on this side... no problems at all about a year now. You can run your own tube and drill a hole in the carbon and add your own fitting. I wanted the least disturbing air path.


Complete kit for Redeye and Hellcat



1X carbon fiber intake tube

1x air filter to intake coupler and clamps

1x intake tube to TB coupler and clamps

1x breather filter

1X air temp sensor grommet 


A great add on to this is our Devils' Mask 

2019+ Hellcat/Redeye CF air intake tube fits Demon as well


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