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We offer a range of 3D printing services including project design to 3D printer repair even laser engraving and of course 3D printing. If you are wondering if 3D printing is or if it is right for your project send us an email @ we will try our best to answer your questions.

           Have an idea you want to put make a reality? We offer basic CAD design Skilled in industrial designing sot so much on animation or statues or figurines not to say we cannot print them. We offer FDM printing along with SLA resin printing. We can print in many materials’ PLA is most common 3D printing filament and ABS and PETG. At Denver 3D Printing we are not limited to that we have no problem with nylons polycarbonate even ASA 3D printing. We do a lot of Carbon Fiber reenforced Filament 3D printing Nylon ABS PLA even PETG we do like these as the finish on them is genuinely nice for FDM 3D printing. Not Sure what material is right for you ask Denver 3D Printing we will need to know things like uses and any temperature demand as 3D printing with FDM is thermal plastic and can melt in hot places.

           We offer basic 3d printing for prototypes with quick draft setting all the way up to high detail final product prints with SLA 3D printing.  We can make small batch runs with the IDEX 3D printers we have, below 1000 parts after that we would want to talk about making molds. We can print molds for making products such as bath bombs, replacement parts. We can 3D print almost anything like vases, rubber band guns, project enclosures, and parts you may need to build your own 3D printer, amongst many more household décor items and gadgets.

          Laser engraving service on acrylic, leather, and wood and much more. Making leather keychains or want some personalized drinking cups or even decorative glasses we can do that. Want to memorialize a time in wood with a picture we can do that too. From personalized cutting boards and watch bands even slate!

        Denver 3D printing is a leading company in additive manufacturing in the Denver area. We are fast and discreet we never share customer projects unless given permissions to do so. Turnaround time is typically less than 72 hours print depending of course. We try to make the 3D printing prosses simple. Simply email your files with some information about the project to and we will respond with a quote. That’s simple some times we do need more information to better help pick a 3d printing material that best suits the project.

           At Denver 3D Printing we also offer sales of 3D printers check out our top recommended printers HERE and repairs of most 3D printers (not taking in Creality 3D printers at this time except full rebuilds) and upgrades / rebuilds want to add auto leveling or a different hotend we got you covered. Denver 3D printing has helped 100s of people get up and running. Hey look! We even offer free advice on getting your 3D printer up and running found on Facebook Group Here

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Most of the time it takes 1 hr per square inch of printed plastic on the normal settings. We charge $5 and hr printing so if you want to get a 1 inch cube printed you would be looking at $5.

Try a lithophane everyone loves a lithophane, for  a night light or on a desk at work be the talk of the town with these great ideas.

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